The Arts and Culture Alliance was formed to promote and support the wide variety of Arts and Culture organizations in Manistee County. Membership is open to Arts and Culture organizations and to individuals who support its goals. Membership in ACA will benefit organizations and individuals by promoting their activities through a website and other media outlets. The ACA will be a positive asset in attracting grants and other funding sources to existing organizations. As the ACA continues to work toward these goals, memberships are vital. Please join us in promoting and showing your support for the rich array of cultural activities within Manistee County. For more information contact Cindy at 231.362.3480 or Joy at 231.398.9427. Dues are $15 for an individual, $20 for a couple, $20 family, $25 for an organization, and $50 to use the 501(c)3 tax deductible status. Please make check out to ACA and send dues to Linda Cudney, 19708 Cadillac Hwy., Copemish, MI 49625.

Membership Application